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Don’t Miss The Opportunity To Plan For Your Family’s Future

It is not always easy to think about planning for your future — especially for the time after you are gone. Many Nebraska families are woefully unprepared when it comes to estate planning. The idea of wills and trusts can be intimidating and off-putting to many people until they realize how these are tools that can help to preserve wealth, avoid complications in probate court and ensure that family members are taken care of.

In Kearney, attorney Michael D. Carper has been helping people with estate planning matters for nearly 30 years. His experience as a lawyer is wide-ranging, meaning that he considers a wide range of possibilities to help people come to decisions that are best for their individual situations.

Your Decisions Can Benefit You In Your Lifetime

A common misconception about estate planning is that it only is relevant for directing someone’s wishes after death. However, people can also plan for their own future in several ways. One of these is to complete a health care directive. This document describes your wishes for your treatment if you should become incapacitated and name someone who can make decisions for you on your behalf.

Our firm can also represent you and your loved ones throughout the probate process.

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