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A Skilled Defense Against DUI Charges

The fallout from a DUI arrest can be severe for a Nebraska driver. In addition to potential criminal penalties, people who are convicted of drunk or drugged driving charges can face other hardships such as having their driver’s licenses suspended or revoked. The potentially confusing array of civil and criminal proceedings can seem overwhelming to people who are not trained to navigate the legal system.

Mike Carper, from The Law Offices of Michael D. Carper in Kearney, is an experienced attorney who can provide an aggressive defense for people facing DWI charges around central Nebraska. For more than 35 years, he has been a strong advocate for clients in tough legal situations. He can be your ally in navigating the criminal justice system. He can also represent you at your administrative license revocation proceedings.

Committed To Protecting Your Freedom

DUI convictions can result in harsh consequences, from jail time and probation to hefty fines. Other penalties can greatly inconvenience you, such as having an ignition interlock device placed in your vehicle. This device requires you to demonstrate you have not been drinking before your vehicle will start. You will have to blow into it every time you start your vehicle.

Attorney Carper understands that much is at stake in these cases. You can count on him to explore every avenue for minimizing the impact of the charge on your life. You deserve strong and skilled representation, and with attorney Carper, you will find it. He is committed to protecting your freedom, your reputation and your future.

Helping You Take Steps To Protect Your Driving Privileges

Depending on the circumstances and the type of DUI charge you’re facing, you could be at risk for being legally unable to operate a motor vehicle for a significant amount of time. This consequence can have a huge impact on your personal freedom and your ability to work.

Many people may not realize that they can have an attorney represent them at the hearing before the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. This hearing is separate from any criminal penalties, which could involve jail time. The important thing is to involve a lawyer sooner rather than later, since there is a strict deadline for challenging the license suspension.

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